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Having access to the IWT Tile Studio allows tile suppliers to expand their product offering and to grow the sales of any tile series, especially where the availability of bullnose, mosaic and additional sizes for a line has been a challenge. Increase demand for tile lines that offer the complete package to having bullnose and mosaics. Our packing and labeling supports a consistent well identified boxing that allows for effective warehouse management and easy product identification. 

We will cut, profile, mesh mount and finish each piece creating a durable, long lasting products.

The Complete


CUSTOM bullnose

Color Matching

Eliminate the worries associated with factory provided bullnose trims that don’t meet customer color expectations. Our color matching process includes careful analysis of each tiles color and design in order to formulate and apply from three to as many as seven coating steps to achieve the closest color coated edges.

Product Consistency 

We will cut, profile and finish each ceramic or porcelain piece creating a durable, long lasting and coordinating product—in turn reducing the hassle of dye- lot issues and shading mishaps. With a production capacity of 8000 pieces per shift, you will receive your product in a prompt and timely manner.​

The IWT Tile Studio follows the three "R’s" as part of its manufacturing process to reduce the overall environmental impact and get the most economical benefits:

Reduce stock field tiles in order to transform existing manufactured goods into desired finished components reducing waste.

Re-use the highest quantity of materials in order to yield the highest amount of finished goods.

Recycle the water used through-out the process by running it through a closed loop system sending all waste, sludge and cuttings, to be used as by local road construction works.





Bullnose manufacturing, mosaics, & cut to size services for every tile​

​​The IWT Tile Studio is in the business of providing quality, value and reliable service associated with the fabrication of ceramic, porcelain and stone bullnose, mosaic and additional cut-to-size services. Our state of the art facility and its staff are committed to providing our customers with finished goods suitable for both residential and commercial projects.

Dedicated Service The IWT Tile Studio is not only dedicated to making high quality finished goods, it strives also to provide a high level of service and customer satisfaction. We simplify the ordering process and answer questions at or by phone (800) 340-TILE (8453) ext. 231. We are prepared to assist with or manage the transportation to and from our facility to yours.