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Offering the beauty of hardwood  with practical benefits, Luxury Engineered Planks are waterproof, durable, and offer an easier installation.



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Pool Collection

The Tesoro Decorative Collection, available in a multitude of formats and materials, delivers an eye-catching brilliance that is profoundly timeless.

Our exquisitely crafted Aquatica pool tile collection is refreshingly unique and is recognized for its exceptional quality and brilliance.

Our stone collection is carefully sorted & selected in order to offer "Premium Quality" stone which is available in various colors and finish choices.

Pietra Antica

Natural Stone

Made from only the finest materials, our product lines are available in hundreds on hand-picked styles to appeal to a variety of tastes and environments. 



IWT's Porcelain & Ceramic tile lines come backed with a Limited Lifetime warranty against wear. Residential use only.

Our diverse product of setting materials and installation systems achieve results that are expected from experienced craftsmen that use them.