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Square Nose Full Size Stairtread*

1.38"x12"x 48" 

Best selection for full size seamless look.

*Not Available in V-Lux & Aspen Ridge

*Glue down required

T-Molding 94"


Used as thresholds in doorways and

to transition between two types of floors.

*Glue down required

Flush Nose Stair Molding

with Locking Edge*

1"x 4.5"x 94"

More economical - get two steps from one pc.

Connects to our glued down floating on stair

*Not Available in V-Lux 

*Glue down required

IWT Tesoro has new LVP moldings & stair profiles in stock that are replacing all Versatrim moldings. All Versatrim moldings will now be special order only. 

Quarter Round 94"

Only available in white. Used to conceal the

required expansion space of the floor against

a baseboard.

Square Nose Landing Step

with Locking Edge*

1.38"x 5"x 48"† | 1.38"x5"x60"‡,

Fabricated from our Luxwood (7x48), Chateau (7x48), and Timberlux (9x60) planks.  Designed for landing steps deeper than 12".  Also suitable for top steps connecting to the second floor.

​† Not Available in V-Lux 

‡ 60" Landing Step Available in Timberlux only

​*Glue down required

End Cap/ Reducer 94"


Used primarily to go against exterior 

Thresholds and against walls with no baseboard.

Also can be used as a reducer against floors with minimum height difference of 3/4"

*Glue down required


    Matches color Design & Shade of Floor 100%