Sand Key Shellstone

Random Linear 12x12 Sheet

Sand Key Shellstone

2" Hexagon Mosaic 10 1/2 x  12 Sheet

(0.87 sq ft per piece)

Sand Key Shellstone

¾ x 12 Chair Rail

Sand Key Shellstone 

2x12 Chair Rail

Sand Key Shellstone Straight Brushed 12x24

Straight Brushed: 4 Piece Versailles Pattern.

Straight Edge: 4x8

Brushed: 2x4 Staggered Mosaic 12x12 Sheet, 2x2 Mosaic 12x12 Sheet, 2" Hexagon Mosaic 10 3/8 x 12 Sheet, Random Linear Mosaic 12x12  Sheet, 2x12 Chair Rail, and ¾ x12 Pencil Molding.  

Pietra Antica

Sand key shellstone - brushed travertine and marble

Sand Key Shellstone

2x2 Mosaic 12x12 Sheet

Sand Key Shellstone 

2x4 Staggered Mosaic 12x12 Sheet

Sand Key Shellstone


(4 ½  pieces per sq ft.)

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