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7D10 Dust Less Thin Set (Premium Grade Multipurpose Polymer)

101 Overspray Primer (Over Maxxon Underlayments)

136 Surestik (Type 1 Paste Mastic)

150 Latex Admixture (Thin Set, Grout & Underlayment Admixture)

200-211 System (Two Component Multipurpose Polymer)

442 Tuff Flex (High Strength Flexible Thin Set Admixture)

626 Primer (Industrial Primer System)

700 Premium Set (Prof Grade Portland Cement Thin Set Mortar)

703 Thin Set (Prof Grade Multipurpose Polymer)

705 Pro Set Plus (Prof Grade Multipurpose Polymer)

705 Dustless Pro Set Plus (Prof Grade Mortar)

710 Premium Set Plus (Prof Grade Multipurpose Polymer Modified)

720 Marble Pro (Premium Grade Polymer Modified)

735 Premium Flex (Superior Grade Flexible Multipurpose Polymer)

740 FCI Thin Set (Superior Grade Flexible Crack Isolation Polymer)

750 RS Thin Set (Premium Grade Rapid Setting Multipurpose Polymer)

808 SC (Specialized Adhesive for Tile & Stone)

820 Merlite (Superior Grade Polymer Modified Light Weight)

831 WR (Water Resistant Thin Set Adhesive for Tile & Stone)

855 XXL (One Step Adhesive for Extra Large Tile & Stone)

856 XLF (Max Coverage Adhesive for Extra Large Floor Tile)

BFP Membrane (Heavy Duty Waterproof & Crack Isolation Membrane)

Burst ( Add-a-Pak Accelerator Additive)

Colored Caulking (Siliconized Water Based)

Customer Advisory Shelf Life Extension

Fracture Guard 5000 (Elastomeric Crack Isolation Membrane)

Fracture Guard FD (Fast Drying Elastomeric Crack Isolation Membrane)

Grout Sealer (Silicone Type Water-Repellent)

Hydro Guard 1 (Waterproof & Crack Isolation Membrane)

Hydro Guard 2000 (Heavy Duty Waterproof & Crack Isolation Membrane)

Hydro Guard SP-1 (Fast-Drying Waterproof & Crack Isolation Membrane)

Merkrete’s competitively priced products are distributed through International Wholesale Tile, LLC and is backed by IWT’s knowledgeable sales team.

Merkrete has provided specialized installation products for the tile and stone industry since 1971, and is best known for its unsurpassed liquid applied waterproofing and crack isolation membranes. Today, with green and other innovations such as Dust Less™ Thin Sets, and zero VOC products, Merkrete is emerging as one of the premier manufactures of full line tile and stone installation systems. Our dynamic offering has been created to support the building industry with exceptional product development and the highest standard of service in the industry. We are committed to exceeding customer expectations and the demands of an ever changing industry.​

Specification Sheets
IWT-Tesoro’s premium Merkrete setting material products are available to view in Acrobat Reader in PDF format. You may click to view, download and save to your computer, or attach to an email to share. For the most up-to-date, free downloadable version of Acrobat Reader, please click here.


Setting Materials