▲ Tesoro Gridwall Tower

33" (W) x 35" (D) x 83" (H)

Gridwalls can be free-standing with the base or displayed on the wall.

◄ Metropolitan Slat Wall

27.5" (W) x 23.5" (D) x 67" (H)

Representing one of the largest offerings of a white marble mosaic assortment in the entire United States, this display features marbles that are all originally from the Mediterranean, specifically Italy (Calacatta/Carrara), Greece (Thassos) and Turkey (White Dolomite).

Large 64 Wing Display ►

77” (W) x 94” (H) x 19” (D) 

16-Wing, 64-Board flip display with Tesoro header and footer. Each hand board showcases a feature color, color chips, trim options and a custom room scene with technical specifications on each series.

Villa Real Waterfall Display ►

(Two waterfall displays shown)

36" (W) x 38" (D) x 70" (H)

IWT has evolved into the production of display systems, concept boards and loose samples to give our clients and their customers an overall “point-of-purchase” visual of the products IWT offers. We refer to our marketing as “your silent sales staff”, helping to tell the complete story for the broad range of products that we offer.

Effective merchandising can have a clear and definite positive effect on retail sales, and to our own bottom line. Pricing, displays, product packaging and arrangement, sale signs and promotional marketing can all drive sales upward while improving the shopping experience for the end-user.

The end-goal is that the consumer will be driven towards our attractive, yet functional merchandising and associate our brand with the quality we have spelled out in our product offering.

Our priority is to keep things simple, organized and clearly labeled so our customers are able to assist the end-user through their selection process. This kind of efficiency makes the purchaser’s experience extremely pleasant, and allows our customers to present a myriad of options​

Tesoro Large Swatch Card Tower ▲

39 ½" (W) x 40" (D) x 83" (H)

The display holds 240 long swatch cards total. Each cards is displayed individually on an angled arm, making each card easier to view. 

◄ Aquatica Gridwall Tower

25" (W) x 27" (D) x 75" (H)

Gridwalls can be free-standing on three casters or displayed on the wall.



◄ 20-Slot Waterfall (Shown)

Waterfall Only:

15' (W) x 29 ½ " (D) x 34 ½" (H)

Also Available in:

21-Slot Waterfall

12-Slot Waterfall

10-Slot Waterfall

5-Slot Waterfall

4-Slot Waterfall

Representing our competitively priced porcelain tiles and natural stone, the Villa Real display incorporates Tesoro products in a 36-slot wooden waterfall  with a defining header. 

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