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Hi-Definition digital inkjet technology printing has bridged the gap between texture and glaze design. With HDIT the texture from the punch can be colored in- register, thoroughly and with great precision enabling the creation of complex glaze patterns on top of textured surfaces due to the fact that the glazes can be sprayed to saturate the entire tile surface.


Digital printing is done without direct contact with the surface of the tile, the glaze is sprayed on. This removes the unprinted edges known as framing and the unglazed valleys that are often created with the Roto-color process.


Digital printing is so precise that it can also be used to enhance the dimensionality conveyed by the punch, by using shading and color shifts to accentuate the depth of the relief or to highlight contours.


Much like the picture on your television screen, the graphics on tiles are made up of millions of small dots of color. The smaller the dots, the higher the definition to offer greater variety and less repetition in the overall pattern, creating a porcelain tile that is virtually indistinguishable from natural stone.


Inkjet Process