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1/8" (blue)  Spacer Clips 

Insert universal wedge to flatten and align tiles. Use floor plier to insert wedge and ease hand fatigue

  • Very easy to learn and use at any skill level. 
  • Great for use with tiles of varied thickness
  • Requires minimal effort to install and remove
  • Eliminates lippage. 
  • Prevents tile from moving during the installation
  • Speeds up installations Less time at the job = more jobs in one day = more profit
  • Decreases call-backs due to poor installation. 

  • Durable nylon construction for a secure installation. 
  • High-visibility wedges are easy to distinguish on the job site.
  • Specially designed break-off point on clips for swift removal. 
  • Produces small tight grout joint spacing
  • May be combined with regular tile spacers for wider joints - up to 1/4"
  • Wedges are reusable. 

Place Space Clip under floor tile on top of thinset

Once setting materials are cured, kick the Clip and Wedge along the direction of the grout joints to remove.

Professional Level & Spacer System for Tile & Stone

  • A simple mechanical installation system that eliminates “lippage” by flattening adjoining tiles making them level across grout lines. 
  • Holds tiles in place and eliminates movement due to conditions like “slumping” of tiles on floors (or walls) that occur during installation while setting materials dry.
  • Produces small tight grout line spacing and reduces the need for perfectly flat substrates minimizing the need for surface prep work and repairs due to “lippage” that can result.
  • Speeds installation and extends setting material coverage and does not contribute to voids or hollow spots under tiles when proper troweling technique are used.
  • Can be used to install any type of pattern, producing flat, smooth surfaces achieving professional results every time.
  • Specially designed plier tool reduces hand fatigue and speeds the process of securing wedges into spacer clips, governing pressure to flatten adjacent tiles; over tightening will cause clips to break prematurely.
  • Clip and Wedge usage and locations vary by tile size; see usage table that shows the recommended quantities per 100 square foot of installation. 

1/32" (white) Spacer Clip 

1/16" (red) Spacer Clips 

Place floor tile on top of and against Spacer Clip


International Wholesale Tile, LLC introduces the latest professional 
​tile installation system.

A professional installation system used for laying any large format, pressed or square-edge (rectified), ceramic, porcelain or stone tiles having a thickness from 1/8” up to 1/2”.

Our system speeds and simplifies installation work to improve the finished job by ensuring flatness and providing uniform joints throughout any floor or wall surface, eliminating any “lippage”.

Single use spacer clips fit into grout spaces during installation to make small narrow grout lines.

​Multiple use universal wedges can be used again and again.

Universal Wedge


Simplify any tile installation by eliminating high/low tile lippage and achieving consistent grout joint spacing!