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International Wholesale Tile, LLC 

Attention: Marketing Department
3500 SW 42nd Avenue, Palm City, FL 34990

Terms & Conditions
Limited to one gift card per purchase. Documentation must be received within 30 days of store receipt. No claims for gift cards will be accepted after October 30th, 2018 as promotion ends September 31st, 2018. Please allow 60 days to receive your rebate. Tesoro tile must be purchased from a certified IWT-Tesoro retail dealer. Amount of Tesoro tile purchased will dictate the amount of the rebate provided. Any potential claims may void cash back gift card. your name and address are for gift card delivery purposes only and will not be used for distribution or for any other intention. Use Constitutes Acceptance. Material claims for material after installation will be denied. Please inspect material upon delivery for Series, Size, Color and Shade.

Submit by mail:


To receive your Tesoro Rewards Gift Card, please provide the information below, as well as a copy of your store invoice provided to you by the retailer. 


Purchase a minimum 500 SF of Tesoro products and receive a free $50 gift card *

If you have trouble downloading or submitting the form please use the Contact form for assistance. 

Be sure to include the copy of your store invoice along with the completed form to:


submit electronically:


August 1st through September 31st 2018

*Gift card will be issued based on quantity of Tesoro products only. Competitor products and services provided by your retailer do not qualify. 

Purchase a minimum 1000 SF of Tesoro products and receive a free $100 gift card *