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Metropolitan Calacatta Gold Chevron Mosaic
10x10⅝ Sheet (0.729 sq ft)​

Metropolitan Calacatta Gold 
Random Strip 
10⅞x11⅞ Sheet (0.896 sq ft)​

Metropolitan Calacatta Gold

11⅝x11⅜  Sheet (0.859 sq ft)​

Metropolitan Calacatta Gold (Range)

4x8 (4½  pieces per sq ft)

Pietra antica

metropolitan Collection - calacatta gold

Metropolitan Calacatta Gold

⅝x4 Stacked Mosaic

12x12 Sheet  (1 sq ft)​

Metropolitan Calcatta Gold 

Pencil Molding

0.58 x12 

*Due to Water Soluble glue applied on mesh, product should not be cut with water saw machines.  Dry cutting is recommended.*

Metropolitan Calacatta Gold Chair Rail


Metropolitan Calacatta Gold 

⅝ x ⅝ Mosaic

12x12 Sheet (1 sq ft)

Metropolitan Calacatta Gold Basketweave Mosaic 

10⅞ x10⅞  Sheet (0.821 sq ft)

Metropolitan Calacatta Gold
3 x 3⅜ Hexagon

10 ½ x 9 Sheet (0.656 sq ft)